Seven Cheap Tips to Sell that Dallas Home Fast

If you find that you suddenly need to pull up those Dallas roots fast and sell that house quickly, pay attention. Not everyone has thousands of dollars sitting around to spruce up their home to make it a hot property. Unless you plan to head over to one of those companies that say We Buy Houses and Quickly, you know you have your work cut out for you. But with a handful of inexpensive moves, you can improve that house, get more money for it in the end and still be able to attract the right kind of buyer. The competition is tough out there, so get ready to implement all these ideas.

Lots of Paint

For starters, plan on painting every wall in your house to give it that fresh look. There are few things that give you more for your dollar than a fresh coat of paint in your home. Cover those scruffy marks, give everything a nice neutral shade and give yourself the time to do a good job. It will add light and make the home more inviting.

Lighten Up

Check out all your light fixtures and replace any that look old and outdated. This is a relatively inexpensive fix and can go a long way to making your home look well cared for. You don’t have to spend a lot on this, something from IKEA will probably do just fine. In addition, it will work with those nice neutral freshly painted walls to make the whole house feel brighter.

Get Rid of Clutter

We aren’t talking about picking up the toys and dirty clothes from the floor here, though it certainly does include those. Remember the first tip about painting the walls? When you are done don’t put those pictures back up; store them for now. Go through the bookshelves, mantelpiece and anywhere that you have collected little mementoes of your life. Pack them up now. You want the house to be a blank slate for your perspective buyer to project their own lives on, not see yours.

Update the Bathroom

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to give your bathroom an bit of a facelift. You could replace the faucets, upgrade the handles on the cabinets and perhaps improve the lighting at the mirror. You will have painted it in a nice neutral shade already if you followed our first tip, so just add some quietly tasteful rugs and shower curtains to complete the transformation.

Window Treatments and Mirrors

The key to showing off your home is giving it a nice open light feel. To do this you will want to take a long hard look at your window treatments. Old curtains should come down and if you are okay with no curtains that is even better. It will make the rooms seem larger and encourage more light in the rooms. In addition, you might want to hang a few strategically placed mirrors to bring even more light into the rooms.

Make the Porch Welcoming

Investing in new fixtures, including the porch light, is a smart step. Little things like the doorbell, door, knocker, mailbox and even the front door handle can be updated for relatively little money. If you can have them all match, including the light fixture, you get extra points.

Spiff Up the Yards

Does your yard look neat and tidy? You may want to do a walk-through tour of your front and back yard to see what you can improve. Clean up old flowerbeds, trim back trees and make sure any damaged boards on the back deck have been fixed.

Now that you have taken care of these little tips, get that marketing done, show that home and be ready for the offers. Dallas is a wonderful city; you are sure to be entertaining plenty of them before the big move.