Sit Back and Enjoy Luxury at Its Finest

Now that you have plans to stay in Fremantle, it is important that you give yourself the absolute best accommodations available. The chance to relax and rejuvenate yourself is far too good to pass up for accommodations at a below luxury standard. Serviced apartments are far better than any typical hotel, and you have far more amenities as well.

Serviced apartments have all the comfort and privacy you find in your own home. These fully furnished accommodations are run similar to a hotel in the fact that they have a housekeeping staff to service the room. Whether you wish to stay several weeks, or just need a place to get away from the stress of home, you deserve to have a great experience.

For many reasons, some obvious and others subtle, serviced apartments are better than hotels. You have more room to yourself and your travel companions, the staff are less intrusive and always thorough, and you have far more privacy. The peak of the holiday season is just around the corner, and rooms disappear quite quickly. To get the most out of your stay, it is important that you book your serviced apartment now.

More Space for Relaxation

One of the greatest benefits of Fremantle luxury accommodation is the larger amount of space compared to traditional accommodations. Particularly useful if you plan to stay for a long period of time, as you can enjoy a larger floor plan in which you and any desired companions may use to spread out and relax. Serviced apartments generally have a separate living and dining area, so you are not confined solely to a small bedroom and bath.


If you are on an extended business trip or vacation, close living quarters can quickly make you and your travel companions feel stressed and claustrophobic. With more room, you and your companions can feel more at ease after a long work day or many hours spent sightseeing.

Convenient for Family or Groups

According to your needs, you can find apartments with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate large groups or families. These rooms branch off of a central living area in which you and your companions can congregate and relax together. With multiple rooms, those traveling with another couple or with small children can allow privacy for the entire group. This way, you and your spouse can enjoy a romantic movie in the lounge room while your children sleep. You can even let your children or travel companions enjoy the majority of the apartment while you and your spouse enjoy some privacy in your separate bedroom.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Whether you came to Fremantle on holiday or business, you likely plan to eat more than a meal or two during your stay. A fully equipped kitchen is available in all serviced apartments, allowing you to enjoy some of your meals in the privacy of your own space. This is also a great amenity with which you can save money, as it is more cost-effective to cook your own meals than to eat out. Cook your family a quick breakfast before you start exploring for much-needed energy or sit down to a nice, home-cooked dinner. The ability to get up at midnight and make yourself a quick snack is essential for long stays away from home. All of this and more is available to you when you book a serviced apartment over a hotel.