Tricky Travels: Hotel Room vs. Apartment Rental

The modern traveller has an array of options when it comes to transportation methods and where they lay their head at night. Between personal taxi app services and apartment or room rentals, the typical city cab and hotel combination may not be go-to for frequent flyers anymore. Your dream vacation may not match up with the idea of carbon copy hotel rooms in a skyscraper. Thankfully, there are options.

Apartment vs. Hotel Room Rental

The purpose of a vacation is for bonding, relaxation, and independence from your regular duties. Renting an apartment over a hotel room guarantees you all of this. Your level of independence and relaxation will ultimately determine which is better for you. A concierge waiting on your every need may seem like a dream, but for those who value freedom a bit more than pampering may enjoy apartment rentals to a greater extent.

Granted, you can still order out and avoid spa treatments in a hotel, but the high price of your hotel room includes the available access to these luxuries. With apartment rentals, you pay for exactly what you need and where you need it. Families travelling together may find that an apartment suits them more than a row of hotel rooms. Knowing what you need during your travels will allow you to search fully furnished service apartments in Singapore with ease. You can run through your travel checklist and mark off your desires, something that’s rather difficult with regard to hotel hunting.


For vacations and business trips, it may be less than desirable to share a bed with your little ones or teenagers just to save money on an expensive hotel. Apartment rental services allow you to choose your desired amount of rooms within the optimal budget, catering to your comfort. Hotels around your desired location compete to give the traveller the best rate, but apartments outside of these places aim to beat those prices further.

Speaking of space, when taking the price per square foot into account, travellers should be appalled by how little their dollar goes. A hotel averages around 450 square feet and costs more than £91 per night. An apartment that has 2,000 square feet averages £75 per night. If you’re staying for a 7-day vacation with the family, you’re saving more than £130 before taxes and cleanup fees.

Tips for Choosing an Apartment Rental

When comparing prices and space, apartments are far superior for an elongated stay. Hotel rooms may only be worth the visit when you’re only planning for one night, but anything longer should trigger a look into renting an apartment. There are a few tips to consider when taking the plunge to renting an apartment.

To save money, choose an apartment with a washer and dryer to avoid further expenses that a hotel would typically add on your bill. Most rental apartments also come with free Wi-Fi, cable and other amenities that hotels would usually charge you an insane amount per daily use. If you or your kids can’t pull yourselves away from technology, an apartment rental will do you well without ripping the money from your pockets.

Cramping into one room with 5 people is a thing of the past. Allow yourself to experience true adventure by choosing an apartment rentalthat provides catered hospitality with ultimate comfort. Begin putting together your dream vacation right from your bed today.